Hi is there a best time (tide wise) to kayak to penguin island. Have children with us. Thanks !

Hi is there a best time (tide wise) to kayak to penguin island. Have children with us. Thanks !

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Jamie Bennett

Early morning is best and back before the sea breeze. Make sure you keep together all with PFD's.

Janelle Hauser

Aside from all the above good advice, We took a rope to potentially tow the kids if needed on the way back. It was a good idea as it turned out 😀👍

Chelle Stone

We go over early morning, when there's little to no wind, small swell, but a wind behind you will push you over faster. Check what time the wind changes but, and keep an eye on it. You want to be coming back with the wind pushing you in, not against you. It's ok for us but when you've got kids with you they can tire quick if you get the wind wrong or if it gets choppy.

I use the sea breeze app.

Jackie Alice Lewis

Be very careful crossing this channel

Lily Munster

Jackie Alice Lewis that's just if you're walking. There is nothing out of the ordinary kayaking here with potentially strong ocean winds.

Sandy Robson

Group expert

If you go into the Willy Weather App you can select location Penguin Island and check tide times and winds forecast and see how the wind will vary throughout the day. On big public holidays like over Christmas there is sometimes a life guard from SLSWA at Mersey Pt with a jet ski. They could possibly be there tomorrow. The tide times vary daily, what’s more critical is the wind forecast and to choose a calm day to paddle across. The sea breeze you will see usually picks up in the afternoon. There are sometimes small waves in the area of the sand bar to watch out for and in the afternoon sea breeze it gets more choppy. Make sure you all wear life jackets


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