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Epic V5

Epic V7

Epic V8

Epic V8Pro

Epic V9

Epic V10 Sport

Epic V10

Epic V14

Epic V10 Double

Epic Sprint Kayak

GPX Kayak

18XSport Kayak

16X Kayak


Epic V5

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Length: Composite 14′ 3″ (4.36m) Roto 14′ (4.26m)

Width: 23.6″ (60cm)

Depth: 12.6″ (32cm)

Capacity: 280 lbs. (127kg)

Storage Capacity: 10.5 gal. (46L)

Paddler Fit: 4’9 to 6’7 (1.45m to 2.01m)

The Epic V5 is now available in two lightweight composite layups, the Ultra and Performance, as well as the extremely durable Roto-moulded layup.

Excellent stability allows beginners to jump on and paddle with confidence and give more experienced paddlers a short, stable surf ski to use in big or rough conditions. Sleek lines and Epic’s comfortable surf ski cockpit make the V5 perfect to learn downwind paddling and great for playing in the surf zone.

The V5 composite, with its lighter weight, is even easier to carry to and from the water and unload from your roof rack.

The V5 comes standard with under hull rudder, adjustable foot brace (including pedals that automatically adjust line length), rear storage compartment, bow and stern handles, center carry handles, water bottle holder and Epic’s patented bailer.

An optional stern kick up rudder can be added to the Roto-moulded version with no modifications needed to allow the V5 to be paddled in shallow or rocky areas.

Epic V7

Length: 17′ (5.20m)

Width: 21.25″ (54cm)

Depth: 14″ (35cm)

Weight 23kgs

Capacity: 297 lbs. (135kg)

Storage Capacity: 9.5 gal. (42L)

Paddler Fit: 4’9 to 6’7 (1.45m to 2.01m)

The new Epic V7 breaks that mold and sets a new standard for rotomold performance. It is relatively lightweight, extremely efficient, and easy to handle. The V7 is outfitted with the same high quality fittings as every surf ski in the Epic lineup, including our carbon fibre footboard and pedals and the hugely popular Epic designed bailer. In addition, it features an aft storage compartment with hatch that puts the V7 in a class of its own.

The 5.2 m V7 adds a whole new dimension. It offers similar stability to the V8 with the increased durability of a polyethylene kayak. Its capability can be further enhanced with the optional kick up rudder (no modification needed). This combination allows the V7 to be paddled in areas where composites cannot.

Epic V8

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Length: 5.48 m (18′)

Width: 54 cm (21.25″)

Depth: 33 cm (13″)

Capacity: 45 – 145 kg (99 – 320 lbs)

The V8 is unique in its class. Fast, yet extremely stable, this is a surf ski that most kayakers should be able to hop right onto and paddle off. The deck features all the surf ski simplicity of the V10 and V12, the main components being a fully adjustable foot-brace and rear deck bungees. The V8 also incorporates some new features that add to its user friendly appeal: moulded in bow & stern carry handles, and a water bottle holder in the cockpit. The Epic bailer, breather tube and Epic surf ski rudder configurations are standard. Our goal with the V8 is to provide a boat that bridges the gap between sea kayaks and surf skis. By blending speed, high stability and a performance oriented deck & outfitting, the V8 offers new levels of accessibility and opportunity. Fitness paddlers and racers who want extra emphasis on stability, touring kayakers looking to make the transition to a high performance surf ski, or cruisers looking for a simple, efficient boat for a day on the water. The V8 will take you there.

Epic V8 Club 17.5 kg

Epic V8 Performance 15.5 kg

Epic V8 Ultra 12.0 kg

See construction options below

Epic V8 Pro

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Length: 5.79 m (19’0″)

Width: 50.8 cm (20″)

Depth: (32 cm (12.6″)

Capacity: 36 – 127 kg (80 – 280 lbs)

Paddler fit: 4’9 to 6’5 (1.45m to 1.96m)

The new Epic V8 Pro is the perfect boat for those who want a performance upgrade from our popular V8. The V8 Pro adds 30cm of length and takes nearly 4 cm off of the width, creating a surf ski that is livelier and faster. In terms of speed and stability, the V8 Pro fits perfectly between the Epic V8 and the V10 Sport.

The V8 Pro includes the same great outfitting features of the V8, including the bow, stern and center carry handles, water bottle holder, and the patented Epic bailer. The V8 Pro will fit paddlers from 4’9” to 6’5” in height. The reduced hump under knees will be appreciated by smaller paddlers. Taller paddlers between 6’5” and 6’7” will be better suited in the V8 or V10 Sport.

Epic V8 Pro Club 17.5 kg

Epic V8 Pro Performance 15.5 kg

Epic V8 Pro Ultra 12.0 kg

See construction options below

Epic V10

Length: 6.25 m (20′ 6″)

Width: 45 cm (17.7″)

Depth: 33 cm (13″)

Capacity: 140 kg (310 lbs)

Paddler Fit: 1.63m to 2.01m (5’4 to 6’7)

Epic V10L

Length: 6.15m (20′ 2″)

Width: 44cm (17.3″)

Depth: 30cm (12″)

Capacity: 75 kg (165 lbs) optimum

Paddler fit: 4’10 to 6’2 (1.47m to 1.88m)

The new Epic V10 has been the most successful all around surf ski over the past year – getting rave reviews from advanced level paddlers for its speed, handling, ergonomics and stability. With the new, redesigned V10L we’ve taken that winning combination and optimized the hull for paddlers 75 kg (165 lbs) and under. The cockpit of the new V10L also accommodates shorter leg lengths than the V10.

Epic V14

Length: 6.4 m (21.0″)

Width: 42.9 cm (16.9″)

Depth:  32 cm (12.6″)

Capacity: 136 kg (300 lbs)

Paddle fit: 5’5 to 6’7 (1.65m to 2.01m)

The V14 is designed to be the fastest surf ski on the market for mid sized water conditions. We’ve pulled out all the stops to go beyond the V10 and V12 with an even sleeker shape and narrower waterline. The bow of the V14 is much narrower compared to the rest of the Epic ski line. This helps the V14 knife through wind chop & small waves.

Epic V10 Double

Length:  7.6 m (24′ 11″)

Width: 48.3 cm (19″)

Depth: (40 cm (16″)

Capacity: 240 kg (530 lbs)  optimum team weight 130-190 kg

Performance 25kgs

Ultra 20kgs

Our goal for this boat is very similar to our goals when we introduced the V10. We wanted to make a boat faster than anything existing in the class, while still making it user friendly enough that a large number of people can enjoy it.

The seat is very comfortable and ergonomics are superior with the cut outs to allow a closer paddle stroke. Bailers are standard in both cockpits, allowing quick drainage when needed, with the option to close them and give a dry cockpit with decreased drag in flat conditions

Construction Options

Epic uses high-tech lightweight materials to build boats that are strong, durable and ultimately far lighter than the competition. Epic is in a class by itself when it comes to weight and value.

Club (Blue nose & tail)

The Club layup is the most economical construction option we offer. It is also our heaviest construction, yet comparable to most competitors’ standard boats.

– Fiberglass on a core mat with carbon fiber reinforcement

– Vacuum-bagged with polyester resin

– Available with GPX and some surfskis

– Club construction boats are white with blue accents

 Performance (Black nose & tail)

The Performance construction is a composite hybrid. We consider it to be the best value in the industry. Epic Performance kayaks are significantly lighter than the competition’s equivalent products, yet are offered at a comparable price point.

– Foam core

– Composite hybrid of fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar

– Vacuum-infused, heat-cured epoxy

– Available on most kayaks and surfskis (sea kayaks and surf skis all have white deck and hull)

– Performance construction boats have black accents on bow and stern

Ultra (Red nose & tail)

The Ultra construction is very light and popular with the fitness and racing paddlers. It is light, stiff, and extremely strong in the water. Our Ultra disclaimer states that while stronger in the water than the Value and Performance lay-ups, the Ultra is more susceptible to impact damage and requires more care when handling.

– Nomex honeycomb

– Combination of Woven Kevlar and Carbon fabric

– Vacuum-bagged, heat-cured epoxy- Available on all kayaks and surfskis (white decks and hulls only)

– Ultra construction boats have red accents on bow and stern


The Elite construction is extremely light and stiff, a step up from the Ultra lay-up, but with similar durability. The Elite layup uses a thin but durable black gelcoat as a finish to help keep the weight at a minimum. Slight cosmetic imperfections should therefore be expected in the finish of the Elite layup boats.

– Nomex honeycomb

– 3k carbon fiber

– High temperature cure, vacuum bagged

– Available on select surf skis only

– Black gelcoat with white tips and cockpit

Epic GPX Kayak

The Epic GPX appeals to a broad range of kayakers with its perfect blend of stability, light weight, and optimal tracking. Available in two construction types weighing in at 12kgs (Ultra) and 15kgs (Performance), carrying a GPX to and from the water is a joy.

 The GPX is outfitted with two bulkheads, (only the rear one is used for storage) front deck cutaways, a large rear storage hatch, heavy-duty full deck lines and outfitting, and an adjustable backrest designed to fit any paddler.

 The GPX is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a comfortable, responsive day-touring kayak that is as easy to manage on land as it is in water.


 Length: 12′ 11″ (3.94m)

Width: 63.5 cm

Depth: 28 cm

Capacity: 125 kg



17.5 Kg ​

Fiberglass on core mat

Blue bow & stern


15 Kg 

Infusion grade foam core

Composite hybrid of fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar

Vacuum infused, heat-cured epoxy

Black bow & stern


12 Kg

Nomex honeycomb core

Woven carbon and Kevlar fabric

Vacuum bagged, heat-cured epoxy

Red bow & stern


Epic 14X

The new Epic 14X is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a comfortable, efficient, and responsive day-touring kayak that is as easy to manage on land as it is in water.

The hull design builds off the success of our popular V5 surfski, with the full feature list of our longer touring kayaks like the 18X Sport.

There has simply never been a smarter, better-designed kayak in its class. Paddlers looking for stability and speed will love the 14X, and those seeking adventurous waters will be thrilled by its performance!


Length: 4.4m (14″4′ feet)

Width: 61.7 cm

Depth: 34 cm

Capacity: 150 Kg


18 Kg 

Infusion grade foam core

Composite hybrid of fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar

Vacuum infused, heat-cured epoxy

Black bow & stern

15.4 Kg 

Nomex honeycomb core

Woven carbon and Kevlar fabric

Vacuum bagged, heat-cured epoxy

Red bow & stern


Epic 18X Sport Kayak

The Epic 18X Sport is designed for intermediate to advanced touring paddlers seeking a distinct edge in a high-performance kayak. Paddlers find the stability and sleek, efficient shape of the 18X Sport to allow them to cover long distances with exceptional ease and speed, and that it performs great in rough water conditions.

In addition to all the features that come standard on an Epic, the 18X Sport includes the advanced Epic Track Master™ steering system, a day hatch, an adjustable seat, large storage capacity, and front deck cutaways for a closer, more efficient stroke.


Length: 18′ (5.48m)

Width: 55.88 cm

Depth: 28.6 cm

Capacity: 173 kg



19.5 Kg

Infusion grade foam core

Composite hybrid of fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar

Vacuum infused, heat-cured epoxy

Black bow & stern


17.5 Kg

Nomex honeycomb core

Woven carbon and Kevlar fabric

Vacuum bagged, heat-cured epoxy

Red bow & stern


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