Welcome to Kayaking Western Australia.

This group is for like minded people who enjoy Kayaking Western Australia's Coast, Rivers, Creeks, estuaries & Island's.

Also encountering Natures wild life, Marine life & how we can look after it for generations to come.

Please feel free to share your kayaking Adventures, Pictures, Video's and any kayaking related information.

If you know of any kayaking related events going on in WA please feel free to post the details here.

Private sales of Kayaks & kayaking gear is welcome.

Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints & Remember Paddle safe :) .

If you come across any marine animals that have been trapped or tangled by marine debris, please report asap to Orrca or Dpaw.



Safety on the water.

Please wear a PFD (Personal Flotation Device) When you are on the water for your safety, because you are important. 🙂

Use a paddle leash secured to the kayak.

Ankle leash for SUP's is a must as well as PFD.

Always take into account current and predicted weather/sea conditions.

Click the links below for more information.




And lastly..... please no advertising (private sales permitted)

Thank you.

Safe paddling.


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