Rowles Lagoon is the only freshwater wetland within the Goldfields Region reserved for nature conservation. This lake and other wetlands within the surrounding nature reserve change dramatically with the seasons and the years. During drought they tend to dry out but then fill again to overflowing in years that experience heavy rains.



41 species of waterbirds have been recorded on the lakes, including eight protected by international treaties. The freckled duck, one of the worldʼs rarest waterfowl, has been recorded breeding here twice. When Rowles Lagoon has water in it, you can use the fringing teatree thicket as a natural hide to walk to the edge of the lake to observe wildlife up close.



Rowles Lagoon is popular with day-trippers and campers. When the water level is high enough, the lagoon is suitable for swimming and kayaking. Motorised vessels and water skiing are not permitted.

We recognise and acknowledge Aboriginal people as the Traditional custodians of Rowles Lagoon Conservation Park.


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