Nagula is Yawuru sea country, constantly changing with the tides and the seasons. Rich in stories and resources it has sustained Yawuru people for thousands of years. The park is jointly managed with the Yawuru traditional owners.

Life  along  land’s edge

Roebuck Bay is an internationally significant wetland and one of the most important feeding grounds for migratory shorebirds in Australia – boasting possibly the greatest diversity of shorebird species for any site on the planet.

Boat-based fun

‘The Bay’, as it is known locally, is a place of great value to the community of Broome for recreational activities including boating, fishing, kayaking, viewing dinosaur footprints (in the rocks that fringe its edges at low tide), birdwatching, walking and marine mammal viewing.

Charismatic megafauna

Australian snubfin and Australian humpback dolphins frequent the waters and humpback whales pass through on their annual migration. Flatback turtles nest on the shores and are found in the bay’s waters with other sea turtle species.

Staircase to the moon

At certain times of the year (for three nights per month between March-October) the ‘staircase to the moon’, caused by moonlight reflected from the ocean bed at extremely low tides, is visible over Roebuck Bay.

Your safety

It’s great to escape everyday life and visit a park or reserve in WA. It is also important to us that you return safely to your family and friends. 

Always remember it is really important to plan when to visit. Read this safety information about bushwalking, fishing, paddling and kayaking. Consider traveling with a personal location beacon (PLB). In the event you need to be rescued it could save your life!  

  1. Box jellyfish and estuarine crocodiles are sometimes found in the waters of the park.
  2. Strong tidal currents, high winds and infrequent cyclones are also experienced in the park.
  3. Please seek advice from the Parks and Wildlife West Kimberley District Office if you are unsure about the safety of an activity you are planning to undertake.


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