The Swan Estuary Marine Park encompasses Alfred Cove, 200 hectares adjacent to the suburbs of Attadale and Applecross; Pelican Point, a 45 hectare area in Crawley; and Milyu, 95 hectares adjacent to the Como foreshore.

Feathered beauties

Internationally protected waders visit these three areas every summer, coming from as far afield as Asia, Mongolia and Siberia. The birds move between the intertidal flats of the three areas of the marine park according to where feeding and roosting sites are available. Most migratory birds are seen from August to the following March. Pelicans, ibis, egrets and other birds also reside in the estuary.

Walking, cycling and windsurfing

The most popular activities are walking and cycling along the scenic riverside. There are dual use paths (for the shared use of pedestrians and cyclists) along the river foreshore. Pelican Point is a popular location for windsurfing.

Fishing and prawning

You may fish with a line anywhere in the marine park as long as you comply with rules and regulations such as size and bag limits (see Prawning from the shore using drag nets is the most popular form of fishing in the marine park. If you intend to go prawning please respect the environment, especially the important remnant vegetation along the shore (there is very little of it left in the metropolitan area!). It is vital to take all your rubbish with you, as birds and marine animals can die after ingesting or becoming entangled in plastics or fishing line.

Getting there

All three localities within the Swan Estuary Marine Park lie within 20 minutes drive from the centre of Perth. Depending on which area you are visiting, you can drive to the nearest car park and walk to the foreshore.


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