West Cape Howe National Park contains the most southern point in Western Australia, Torbay Head and bears the force of the Great Southern Ocean.

Located 30 mins south-west of Albany, West Cape Howe National Park is home to Shelley Beach, and the lookout where platforms are built into the side of the hilltop for hang gliders and paragliders to launch.

The walk to Torbay Head, the southern-most point, is a 15km round trip hike on undulating terrain with little shelter. The beginning of the walk is part of the Bibbulmun Track. 

The Bibbulmun passes directly through West Cape Howe National Park, 

1 - Cosy Corner Beach camp - free camping

Drive through the car park to the very end and drive down onto the beach - on the map where the GREEN marker is - there is a cleared area which you can drive into (maybe / maybe not)

It's ideal - as you don't have to deflate the tyres, and it's on the beach

Partially sheltered from the wind

2 - Cosy Corner Campground - paid camping

15 sites - there is a camp host near the entrance and may assign you a site - have to check first before setting up

Fully sheltered from the wind

3 - Torbay West Campground - paid camping

Lower Denmark Rd to Perkins Beach Rd to Torbay Inlet Rd

There are 20 camp sites in the area and a few other sites on the North side

Fully sheltered from the wind

3B - West Torbay Camp Ground - extra sites

There is a sand track 500m BEFORE the West Torbay Campground

Follow that track to the inlet, and there are spots along the way - very private

Fully sheltered from the wind

4 - Mutton Bird Beach - free camping (beach camping NOT IDEAL)

You have to drive to Elleker and follow the signs to Mutton Bird Beach | Shelter Island

Drive down on the beach and head west - NOT SURE if you need to let your tyres down

There is camping in the dunes near the river mouth

NOT sheltered from the wind

Shelley Beach Campground - paid camping

Follow the signs to West Cape Howe - Coombes Rd to Shelley Beach Rd

No Privacy there as the sites are in a big open area - might be OK if there are no people

There is a ranger hut where you pay your fees (if there is anyone there)

NOT sheltered from the wind


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